Current and potential initiatives include:

  • Prospects for scaling up electrification (transportation, industrial use, and residential sectors)
  • Accelerating the energy transition
  • Impacts of backup requirements on deployment of renewables
  • Economic and environmental consequences of large‑scale deployment of nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage (coal‑, natural gas‑, and biomass‑based)
  • Economics and geopolitics for natural gas in different regions of the world
  • Predictability and synchronicity of intermittent renewable energy (wind and solar)
  • Evaluation of costs of alternative technologies for electricity generation
  • Carbon capture and storage in industrial applications (cement, iron and steel, refineries)
  • Role of hydrogen and other energy carriers
  • Ability of managed water systems to meet irrigation demands for biofuels
  • Scenarios of a low-carbon future
  • Energy and economic impacts of different policy instruments

Center members are eligible to explore additional topics based on areas of mutual interest.