As a member of the Energy at Scale Center, you will interact with our team of experienced energy experts and use the tools that integrate natural and human systems to analyze both physical and transitional impacts of energy transformation to a low-carbon future. We will assess technologies and policies at different scales (industry, economic sector, country, and global) considering inter-industry and inter-regional linkages.  This will allow us to provide you with a stronger basis for more informed investment decisions. Membership in the Energy at Scale Center is granted upon payment of the annual fee or by engaging in a research project. We are seeking to collaborate on research projects based on areas of mutual interest.

The Energy at Scale Center holds an invitation-only workshop each year to discuss new research results and analyses. Each member of the Center may also work with us to develop an annual customized workshop at your organization, plan an organized visit to MIT for representatives of your organization, and receive periodic updates of the later developments in the area of scaling up low-carbon energy solutions. In addition to these benefits, members have access to a variety of invitation-only workshops and webinars, such as the MITEI Annual Research Conference and MITEI Spring Symposium.



For additional information or to join MIT’s Energy at Scale Center, please contact:

Horacio Caperan
Executive Director for External Affairs
MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
(617) 715-5990